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1. Don't understand why Vondrell did not transfer. Also, Jeremy Hills refusing switch to DB and requesting a redshirt is foolish.
2. Cody = PJ Hill or Michael Bush this year, imo.
3. On TE, if he can catch Barrett Matthews is going to be special. I like the H-back thing b/c it allows you to shift from 2 TE power running formation to I formation to 3 wide (or 4 if your TB splits out) without substituting. Perfect for a hurry-up no huddle type offense and for using misdirection like Boise State does.
4. On OL I expect Hix and Walters to play in the NFL, possibly Huey and Snow. Allen was not a lock to beat out Walters even without the injury.
5. On DT I think Randall can be as good as Wright, who was effective but never dominant the way Hampton, Rogers, and Houston could be.
6. LOL at Adrian Phillips.
7. I wanted to see Aaron Williams or Desean Hales returning punts but I'm interested to see what Curtis Brown brings to the table.


Forgot to give my predictions:
UT 42, Rice 10

UT 38, Wyoming 10

UT 28, Tech 17

UT 35, UCLA 3

UT 18, OU 27

UT 20, Nebraska 17

UT 42, Iowa State 10

UT 42, Baylor 21

UT 28, K-State 13

UT 42, OK St. 28

UT 44, Fla. Atlantic 10

UT 38, A&M 27

Sugar Bowl v. Florida: UT 21, Florida 35

Season: 11-2, Final ranking #6

Ojo Rojo

Man I hope you're right about the Nebraska game. I have it in for those crybabies. Take their ball and go home just because they don't like the fact that Texas holds so much sway in the Big XII. Eff them. The more I think about it, the more I like Texas in a 10-team conference. It worked for USC all those years.

Ojo Rojo

On you comments:

1. Did they give Hills that option? I guess the thinking is that he'll have a year of eligibility left when Newton and Johnson are done.
3. Very good point on disguising your play by not switching personnel.
7. I like Aaron Williams returning punts over Curtis Brown too, especially if the Browns are getting every snap at corner and Williams is only playing nickel. (I don't think A. Williams comes of the field on defense, but that's just how the depth chart had it.)


1. Yeah, Mack said in a pre-Rice press conf that Hills, Mims, and Brewster had requested to redshirt. He mentioned they had talked to Hills about switching to DB but he wasn't having it.
7. Feel like a dumb after watching Aaron Williams's mufftacular display returning punts.

Also, subtract 10 points from UT's side in each of my predictions now that I've seen the offense in action. Going to a lesser bowl probably preserves 11-2 record but ranking is probably #9-11.

Snake Diggity

Can't believe I'm just now getting to this post, but here would have been my thoughts/predictions (with comments as to how they've changed after 3 games):

-QB- I wasn't as high on Gilbert as some, I'm sure he'll end up fine and turn out to be an NFL starter, but for this year I expect some struggles. They waited too long to open him up against Alabama and it cost us the game. (*after 3 games, I still expect him to struggle and possibly cost us one game. They've played VERY conservatively on offense throughout and, per Mack's MO, seem to be sheltering him a bit.)

RB: I expect this to Cody Johnson's year. (*after 3 games, looks like I was wrong here. He is an excellent short ydg back, but just doesn't seem to have the burst/elusiveness to be THE guy. Fozzy has always been the most explosive, but he is injury prone, which has been shown this year. Paging Mal Brown...)

WR: Not high on Chiles. High on Quise. High on the fish. High on Mal. High on Hales. Agree with you on Kirk (not flashy, but clutch; the perfect 4th WR). (*after 3 games, I seem to have been right here, with the exception that Mal has still been plagued by inconsistency.) I expect a Darius White coming out party against either UCLA, OU, or Nebraska. Really surprised Hales has been a no-show.

TE: Agree with everything you said here, and it seems to be spot on so far.

OL: Not sure how I feel about the OL. They've been solid but unspectacular. Gilbert has been relatively unbothered, which is good, but we've been totally unable to establish the power running game, which is bad. My main disappointment is the apparent lack of development by the RS fr, whom I was hoping would step up, as they were highly touted.

DL: The freshmen are indeed monsters, which I predicted. I don't think DT is going to cost us much, even though we are thin there. Nobody is going to consistently run against a Muschamp D. We'll be fine.

LB: Agree with you, although Dravannti Johnson surprised me; I was expecting him to fade into Bolivia. Acho and Robinson are underrated and are probably our most athletic LBers since DJ. Waiting for Hicks' coming out.

DB: The 3 CBs will all be among the top 100 players in the 2011 NFL draft. That's just sick. Gideon is underrated. Wasn't high on Vacarro, but dude is kicking ass. I suspect this year's youngsters will be passed by the guys coming in next year.

ST: agree.

Coaches: agree. 2 quotes sum up my most hardy beliefs about UT football: 1.) Woe to he who doubts VY, and 2.) Mack daddy is the man. As badass as Muschamp is, there is NO way things get better once Mack leaves.

Not gonna try and predict each game's score, but I think we drop 1 in the regular season and 1 in the postseason. OU, NU, A&M, and OK St are the likely culprits. I predict that as long as Will Muschamp is associated with Texas, we will never finish outside the top 15. As long as Mack is here, we will never finish outside the top 10.


Go ahead and subtract another 10 from the Texas side of my remaining picks. God that offense sucked ass today.


GDGD does not need to be fired, but he needs to re-evaluate his personnel packages. The short passing game relies first and foremost upon reliable receivers. So far this year Kirkendoll is the only one fitting that mold, though Goodwin is pretty close. The other people trotting out for WR are apparently good athletes who can't catch reliably. That will not cut it. If Fitzhenry can catch, put him out there. I don't care if other guys are bigger and faster, put the best hands out there. And I don't know if Fitzwhitey can catch or not. I don't care who it is; maybe it's Timmons, D.White, John Harris, Chris Jones, Darius Terrell, Cade McCrary or Derka Derka. Whoever the fuck can catch, put them on the field, because if you can't catch reliably this offense cannot work.
The OL needs to be overhauled. Hix can be good, but his penalties are drive killers that cannot be tolerated.
TE needs to be re-evaluated. As in the position. I'd rather trot out a third tackle like Hopkins or Kelley when we need an extra blocker in the run game and simply eliminate them from the equation in the pass game. Again, if we insist on using the position in the pass game, whoever can catch the goddamn ball needs to be on the field and fuck all else. Ahmard Howard, Dominique Jones, anybody. Maybe Irby and DJ Grant can surgically swap knees so one of them has two serviceable legs.


Sorry for spamming your blog, but seemed the best place for these two posts.
Critical plays that were not due to UCLA outplaying Texas players:
--Mike Davis made no attempt to down the pooch punt inside the 10. He acted like he didn't expect that to be part of his job.
--Offensive PI erasing a first down and essentially killing the drive after Garrett's fumble.
--Hix false start taking 2nd and 4 to 2nd and 9, essentially killing the drive after Acho recovered the UCLA fumble.
--Cu. Brown fumbling a punt that he should have never been near.
--Barrett Matthews dropping an easy first down on third down then running a route for -1 yards on fourth down.
--DJ Monroe not securing the handoff, killing Texas's best chance to score before halftime.
--Chiles dropping a first down catch on third down after a great play by Gilbert to escape pressure and deliver a nice ball.
--Chiles running a route for 3 yards on 4th and 4.
--Substitution infraction on punt receiving unit erasing a 3 and out and sealing the game.

All of those plays were caused by poor individual effort, not by UCLA players winning a battle or outscheming the Horns. Texas teams of the past few years haven't done these types of things very often. That's probably an entire season's worth of poor play most years. That's the part that drives me crazy about this year's team.

Ojo Rojo

Exactly right on with why we lost. Stupid mistakes that cost us the game. I don't know how you fix this. I think the coaches are doing what they do every year. I think maybe it's a general attitude of a let-down year after McCoy leaves. Lowered expectations becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lack of focus or lack of knowledge about assignments - just poor football IQ type of stuff.

Nobody's panicking, but maybe they should be. UCLA was not a game we expected to lose coming into this season. What if we lose to OU, NU and A&M too?

Snake Diggity

Llogg is correct about why we lost.

It was a nightmare scenario; the question is, was it indicative of a larger problem, or was it a fluke game?

Fans always overreact to losses like this because, as Chris said, this was not a game we expected to be close, much less lose. When a school like Texas loses a game like this, people start to think about the nightmare of losing to ALL of the remaining quality opponents. There are two contradictory facts: 1.)if the Horns play this way the rest of the season, they will lose 5 games. 2.) Mack Brown has a track record of rebounding from games like this.

The odds are HEAVILY in favor of Texas losing less than 3 times. We're spoiled if 10-3 is a nightmare.

I'm really worried about the offense, because there just isn't a sure fire place to turn for hope. My 1st instinct is to go to the spread, since our RBs have been given every opportunity to establish the run as a threat and failed at every turn. Our best players are all guys who need to get in space (Goodwin, Monroe, Davis, etc.). But, there is no easy answer, so I'm really worried that our O will be mediocre to shitty for the rest of this year. But I think things like Curtis Brown douching that punt and offensive players continuing to see snaps despite not performing will get fixed, and fast.

I firmly believe that there is just TOO much talent on this team to lose 4 games. And I'm ok with losing 3 games in a season every 5 years if we also make a MNC game appearance during that time.

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And I'm ok with losing 3 games in a season every 5 years if we also make a MNC game appearance during that time.

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