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Snake Diggity

I'm just not into the Olympics this year. Not sure why; I guess mostly because I'm from Texas, never participated in winter sports (unless you count skiing 3 times), and know that the true physical specimens do summer sports. Usain Bolt > Bode Miller.

That said, I'm sure going will be a cool experience. I've heard there's a large marijuana contingent at the Winter Games.

Good points about the host city; they're blowing it so far. Canadians...pffft.

That's a bummer about politics; I'm surprised the Dems aren't making a bigger deal out of that fact. I figure they'd be non-stop screaming about it.

Anxious to see how doing the Safari on a 6-man changes the experience. I bet it's a lot more fun. More about teamwork, competition, and skill than purely about endurance and will power.

Ojo Rojo

Forgot to mention that I was inspired by Lindsey Vonn's injury treatment to come up with another million dollar idea. She spread some kind of cheese on her shin for therapy. Apparently it's some kind of Austrian thing. The doctors who were consulted on this postulated that there were only two real potential benefits: 1) psychological, and 2) that the cheese was cold and did the same thing an ice pack would do. That got me to thinking. Have you ever tried to hold an ice pack on an injury before? It's a pain in the ass, right. The ice cubes in the baggie don't form to the body very well and constantly have to be adjusted. Condensation forms and everything gets wet. Some of the ice cubes come into direct contact with the skin and it gets too cold and painful. In high school, I added some rubbing alcohol to water and froze it in plastic baggies to make ice packs. The alcohol and water mixture turned into a slush and was easier to form to the area of the body where it needed to be applied. But what if you had some kind of material that had the consistency and properties of cheese or play-doh? It would be made of some kind of material that had a high freezing point, or at least, it remained workable when it was around 40 degrees F. You take that material and mold it to the body. It's kind of sticky so it stays put on the skin and you can form it into any shape.


They have shit similar to that ice pack you're describing.

Never can seem to get excited about the winter olympics. Also can't seem to get excited about the swimsuit edition SI. I like my porn honest. Don't masquerade as some swimsuit bs.

Six man, huh? Should be considerably faster and easier, I would imagine from an endurance standpoint, though I'm sure the technical aspects of getting 6 dudes on the same page can be daunting.

Ojo Rojo

I love the Olympics. I can't get enough. Felt really bad for Lindsey Jacobellis yesterday. She's the girl who did a method grab on the final hill of snowboardcross in Torino while she was way in the lead in the medal round and wiped out and basically gave away the gold medal. She was trying to redeem herself in Vancouver and she had some trouble on a landing and missed a gate and was DQ'd in the semifinal round. Tough, tough break. Also, I got nothing against homosexuals, but Johnny Weir's brand of flamboyance just annoys me. A costume that looks like a black and pink corset? C'mon, guy. There is such a thing as dignity.

From what I've been told, six man is not easier. Not just because of the logistics. Steering a 44ft' boat around rocks and trees on the upper San Marcos is going to be very, very hard to learn. Plus, you paddle just as hard, though you might finish significantly faster. Good news is that the river is way up right now and it's looking like we're going to have a mid-level water year at worst. The last two years were some of the lowest water and most difficult on record.

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