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Snake Diggity

Spot on. I think the O-Lines will dictate the overall game perception, but the game WILL be close, so it's going to come down to a few plays, be it turnovers, special teams, or explosives.

I'll tell you what I'm worried about: Colt fumbling. Watch out for that.

It's going to be a great game. No way the difference is more than 14 points. 23-20 Texas.

Snake Diggity

Other points:

-Texas has the best 2 minute offense in the country. We should exploit that.
-Alabama has the best punt returner in the history of college football (statistically). We need to be careful there.
-Neither team has an outstanding O-Line.
-Texas has the #1 ranked rushing defense in the country; 'Bama is a running team.
-One of the reasons this will be such a great game is that both coaches have been here before. Nobody's gonna be spooked.

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