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Snake Diggity

ok, you're officially fuckin' killin' me.

I wouldn't have been scared. Wary, but not scared. Did you have that big ass mag lite with the grips?

Ojo Rojo

You mean the "Hog Killa?" Yep. I had it. Not that it would have done much good against a gat.

I don't know that I was ever really scared. Up to this point in the story anyway. Maybe the scariest part of the whole thing was being so unaware. I mean it didn't occur to me until fairly late that I might be getting set up. I'm normally not that thoughtless. At the end of the story I'll have some comments about this.



Up 'til now I have been enjoying this story. But I must interrupt with brief comment:


I am your friend, and would happily suffer injury or death to defend you and yours. What a stupid town you live in where this is not a luxury!

Would that I need to attend this errand, I would make a number of phone calls and visit said address with crew in tow. I am one man, unarmed; but with friends, who arrive beside me,

Perhaps the loss of a phone made the implementation difficult. In that case, my wife's phone would have equally served.

Again -- if I had been in Houston and you had called me, I would have met you on the 14000 block of Victoria in Cloverleaf. And I would have brought friends. I hope you remember that leaning on your friends is what life is about. Trust that they are only happy to help, no matter how strange the request. It reminds them that they can lean on you.

Ojo Rojo

Tom, your point is well taken and your message is much appreciated.

It wasn't that I didn't have friends here who I could've called on - Billy, for one, would have happily armed himself (many times over) and helped me out I'm sure. But you've got to put yourself in my shoes - by the time I started thinking I was in any danger it was already like 12:30. Plus, I was already over there. It would have taken anyone I called at least an hour to mount up and make it to my location. I had to balance going it alone (with no bother to anyone) or rousting friends at that late hour. AND, I was already impatient. Temper that with pride and you see why I might've decided against calling upon friends.

Besides, I had a different plan in mind. You'll hear about it in Part IV.


Dude, if this doesn't end with you going Charles Bronson on 20-30 dudes to rescue your phone and the super hot (and appreciative) Texas cheerleader the thieves had kidnapped then I'm going to be very disappointed. And Tom, if you bring unarmed friends to a gun fight you turn a murder into a massacre. I would have told that lady I would get it in the morning. Driving around the ghetto at night is some scary shit.

Snake Diggity

Llogg: your comment begs me this question: Who did Dad have more esteem for: Charles Bronson, Bob Lilly, or Scott Glenn in Silverado?


Snake: That's an easy question. The answer is Mark Spitz.

Snake Diggity

Well name me another person who won 7 Gold Medals....in ONE olympics, buddy.


Ojo, I good writer writes in Trilogies. Unless you are going Star Wars on us and writing two of them.
"Wrap it up!" "No you Wrap it up!"

Snake Diggity

Although it must be said that when the Packers beat the Cowboys in the Championship by going for it on 4th and 1, they did NOT go over Bob Lilly. They went over Jethro Pugh. But not Bob Lilly, buddy.


Thanks for the notice Chris. Yes, when someone knocks on my door after say, 10 pm. I answer the door, pistol in hand. And I am pretty sure with 16 shots, I could get Gracie and the bulk of the Galindo gang.

and yeah..wrap it up...that fishing for comments from lurkers thing was soo last week.


llogg, agreed. I'm an idiot. The problem is that I have a poor sense of self-preservation, and an overdeveloped sense of loyalty.

But Ojo is my bro, and if he needs me, I'm there.


I hope this ends with you dialing VY on that cell phone to come save your ass.

Snake Diggity

This story is like a woozy Mortal Kombat character--



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