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desert boy

what if stuebing is, say 33, and virginia was in fact 21? that's cool, right?

Ojo Rojo

Legally in the clear. Morally suspect.


I mean, it all depends. Like how attractive are we talking? Alizee hot? If so, he's totally within the confines of the law. And if not, there is something dreadfully wrong with this country.

Only kidding. As the father of a female child, my opinion is that this dude gets incarcerated for life in the basement of Virginia's father's house where her dad can use hime to re-enact choice scenes from Pulp Fiction if he is so disposed.

Snake Diggity


None of those better get him off the hooked. Hope that was some good kiddypuss.

I wonder if Alizee knows that her name is the same as a liquer that often gets lumped into a category with Old English, Hennessy, Swisher Sweets and Collard Greens. But she is hot. Just not Shakira-hot.


B. It shifts blame.

My counter argument would of course be: if he was going to participate in consenual 'adult' sex it is his responsibility to ensure that it is in fact both consensual and adult.


put down the pmbr practice questions book NOW!





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