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desert boy

interesting. we used the term "gunners" in med school, as well (just ask llogg), although the gunners in med school indeed are often near the top of the class (though, quite typically, the very top students were unknown until graduation). and besides annoying outbursts during class, gunners would also sabotage; for instance, and i actually believe that this is a bit urban legend, one might steal an important book from the library so that (s)he would be the only one who could successfully complete a project.


fuck gunners.


I'm going to assume that gunner means someone who is gunning for [insert acheivement here].

Discounting sabotage, why do you hate gunners? I get that they are annoying, but is that alone worth such scorn?

However, if they do engage in sabotage ignore above questions and scorn away.


I would think they would get annoying and it would just get old.

People who think they know everything are annoying in general unless they are also funny and they make fun of themselves or can be humble at times.


Gunners as you call them are incredibly annoying. I use terms like KissAss, JackAss, Annoying Bitch or Bastard to describe these people. The ones in my section also included "Granny" the old lady that is back in school and reads every line and talks everyday and wastes valuable minutes of my life. If you want to kiss ass, do it after class. Gunners do that anyway, so why can't they just keep their mouths shut during class time. Note to Gunners. NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK. Especially the professors.

desert boy

mathjames (whatever happened to getting a new handle?),

gunners are mostly annoying. i'm sure that some of the disdain stems from jealousy of what one may perceive as a more successful student (again, i think that there is a bit of a difference among graduate programs with what constitutes a "gunner"; of course, my comments stem from my personal experience), but mostly the gunnner is annoying and disruptive to the ideal learning milieu.

Ojo Rojo

The main source of hatred for gunners is simply the annoyance factor. But it does go a little deeper. Most law students are aware that they are in a room full of bright, capable people. To act like you know more than everybody else and make a big show of it is insulting.

Especially in first year, everybody is a little self conscious about whether they are smart enough and are working hard enough to compete. Gunners add to the stress by making it seem like you aren't and you don't. That's why it's so cool to know that gunners are not the ones at the top of the class.

Gunners in law school are typically not saboteurs. I've never run into anything like that although I've heard rumors. What IS common is people withholding information or outlines and things that might translate into a real advantage. The reason that happens is complicated and would take too long to explain here, but I've done that myself and don't blame others who do.

desert boy

i see...ojo is a gunner. death to ojo.

Ojo Rojo

I am definitely NOT a gunner. Anyone will tell you that.

Better watch it desert boy, I know where you live...

Up Yours

I am not sure where you all come up with the fact that gunners do not score well or do not end up at the top of the class. I am one of these gunners, as are a couple of my friends. One of use finished at the top 20%, one top 5%, and the other two of us in the top 3%. I figure this is just a way for you to feel better about yourself for not preparing as well or for not having the balls to raise your hand in class. Wouldn't you rather find out you don't have some concept down as well as you think during class, instead when you are reviewing you C exam? Gunners that continue on past the 1st semester are almost always very successful students, for it is the ones who failed to achieve that tend to quite down.


Anyone who has the time to dredge up a four-year-old post on a random blog and comment on it is not a gunner. At least, not the quality of gunner seen in med school. If you spend time doing anything but studying and eating you're not as much of a gunner as you think you are. You're just a smug prick, instead.

Ojo Rojo

You broke the gunner curve. Congratulations.


Snake Diggity

Umm, sweet grammatical errors. Douche.


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There are the people who are always seeking favor with the professor. It is so true.





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